Cleaning and Preservation

Bridal Debut now offers Wedding Gown Cleaning, along with elegant preservation chests designed to protect and preserve your most cherished keepsake and heirloom. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us at or call us at one of our two locations.

Your wedding day is over, you looked and felt beautiful in your gown but now what do you do with it? Wedding gowns are often bulky and take up valuable closet real-estate! We recommend having your gown professionally cleaned and then preserved in a more compact, storage friendly box.

Cleaning FAQ:


Q: How much will it cost to clean my gown?

A: Cleaning starts at $200.00, quotes are free of charge.

Q: My gown has some loose beading, can that be fixed?

A: Absolutely!  Gown repair is included in your cleaning quote.

Q: Will my gown look brand new again?

A: In most cases, your gown will look very close to brand new.  If we foresee any issues with getting your gown back to its original condition, we will advise you at the time of quotation.

Q: I have heard stories about gowns being lost when sent away for cleaning, does this actually happen?

A: Not at Bridal Debut! We do not send gowns to a third party for cleaning. Our cleaning facility is on site at our Sherwood Park location so your gown never leaves our hands.

Q: How long should I wait before I bring my gown in for cleaning?

A: We recommend cleaning it as close to your wedding date as possible so the dirt/stains do not have time to set.

Boxing and Preservation:

The boxing and preservation charge is $175.00; however, cleaning is recommended beforehand.

Your gown will be packaged in acid free paper which helps prevent yellowing and discoloration. It is then placed on a bust form and packaged in a window display box (measures 20” X 31”) so you can admire your gown without disturbing it. Your gown is then placed in a second box to keep all light away from your gown during storage.

Bridal Debut does all of the boxing and preservation in house.

We know how special your wedding gown is to you. It holds many happy memories, and each time you look at it you will remember how you felt on your wedding day. Though you only wear your gown once, we want you to enjoy it for years to come!



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